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Dear importers!

Please be informed that according to the customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, when registering imported goods falling under the privileged category of non-commercial goods, the addressee or its registered representative shall submit the accompanying shipping documents to the customs station Zhetysu in Almaty International Airport.

Customs station address: 51 Akhmetov Str. (previously Zaksarpatskaya Str.), Almaty

For self-registration of the passenger customs declaration, the addressee shall do the following:

  1. Get the accompanying shipping documents at the EMEX LLP office or request them from the shipper.
  2. Download and fill in the passenger customs declaration.
  3. Provide the following documents to the officers of the customs station Zhetysu (documents are accepted on weekdays from 15:00 to 16:00):

- FedEx Express Air Waybill

-  Commercial Invoice

- Filled in Passenger Customs Declaration signed by the addressee

- Copy of the addressee’s identity card

After declaring the goods at the customs station, to receive it, the owner transfers the documents listed above and the Passenger Customs Declaration bearing the customs stamp to EMEX LLP representative at the warehouse of temporary storage.

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